Assorted Tips

Saving a pandas dataframe

If you save a pandas dataframe to csv with data structures like lists or tuples, when you load it, the list will be a string. However you will have trouble loading it with json.loads() . I found the snippet below to work best.

from ast import literal_eval

Starting a project

When you start any type of project, It works best to make a blank repo on github first and clone it into your local machine. Using version control outside of this flow can be very difficult.

Installing psycopg2 on linux

Generally, I've had an issue installing psycopg2 on linux in which the Pipfile.lock does not lock. This line of code fixes that:

sudo apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev
# OR The two commands below
pipenv uninstall psycopg2
pipenv install psycopg2

mongodb connection issue